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Panini Grills and Griddles

Grill your paninis to perfection…

PaniniGrillsandGriddles.Com has the finest selection of quality grills and griddles that allows you to create perfect panini sandwiches all the time. If you love having Panini sandwich it is about time to have your very own panini griddle or grill.

The PANINI GRILLS and GRIDDLES are made from finest quality with iron cast ribbed plates that can create perfectly grilled panini sandwiches which are evenly cooked and golden crisp outside. The panini griddles and grills are excellent kitchen equipment that can provide even heat distribution to any grilled gourmet dish you ever wanted.

Each panini grill or panini griddle has adjustable temperature that can be easily adjust up to 570°F. The spring adjusted hinge of the grill plate can conveniently adapt to the food thickness which makes it very ideal to accommodate almost any food type. The SINGLE, MEDIUM and DOUBLE panini grills and griddles are best for making delicious variety of panini sandwiches but you could do so much more with the grills and griddles here. If you happen to own a food business or would want to make your own panini at home you will be surprised to find out that you can even make waffles, burritos, wraps, quesadillas and even grilled fillet meat. The panini griddle and grill is very versatile and reliable kitchen equipment that can be a great addition to any food business or home kitchen.



We are currently offering 3 amazing PANINI GRILLS and GRIDDLES:   

                             SINGLE PANINI 






Order the PANINI GRILLS and GRIDDLES now!!!

plus Shipping- 10 business days Handling

SINGLE PANINI for only   $349.95

MEDIUM PANINI for only $419.95

DOUBLE PANINI for only $429.95

The Panini Grills and Griddles are great additions to any café, restaurant, bistros or snack bar. The small, medium, or double grill can be an excellent kitchen tool that would add some great opportunities to your food business. Think about the variety of foods that you can serve with any of the grill or griddle. PaniniGrillsAndGriddles.com directly gets kitchen equipment such as the Panini grill and griddle from the manufacturer ensuring good quality and affordability for anyone. Grab this great opportunity to have your very own panini griddle and panini grill, and discover the many things you can create with it in your own kitchen.


Order the best PANINI GRILLS and GRIDDLES here Online!

We make buying the PANINI GRIDDLE and GRILL very easy here at . To place an order, simply fill in the order form using your PAYPAL account or CREDIT CARD. Your order will then be sent to us across our secure network. Have any questions? No problem, feel free to contact our 24 Hour Friendly Customer Service!

Shipping Costs and Handling:

MINT Distribution can process both U.S. and international orders. Please refer to the corresponding shipping cost for each PANINI GRILL item. Allow up to 10 business days for handling.

plus $49.95 U.S. Shipping
$99.95 International Shipping

plus $69.95 U.S. Shipping
$119.95 International Shipping

plus $69.95 U.S. Shipping
$149.95 International Shipping


The best PANINI GRILLS and GRIDDLES from PaniniGrillsAndGriddles.com are also available for wholesale buying. If you are interested we would be very happy to accommodate any query about buying the Panini SINGLE Griddle/ Panini MEDIUM Griddle/ Panini DOUBLE Griddle at very low wholesale prices that you would not find elsewhere.

We aim at supplying you with products safely and in a timely manner, and ensuring that all products you receive are not hazardous to your health or safety. We supply the real deal, no imitations or non-brand low quality models! Just the very best top of the line QUALITY products exclusive only here at .


Variety of Commercial Cooking / Restaurant Equipment:

We carry large varieties of cooking/restaurant equipment, from Crepe Makers to Commercial Griddles, Ice Cream Machines, Hot Fudge and Nacho Cheese Dispensers, Double Deck Pizza Oven, Single Deck Pizza Oven, Doughnut Machines and other cooking accessories! All of our featured equipment is suitable for all home and professional applications at restaurants, cafes, catering buffets, snack bars and home use. Just contact us for more info! .

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